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It has created “Corda,” its own take on a blockchain.

IBM (ibm), meanwhile, has spearheaded another initiative known as the Hyperledger Project, part of the non-profit Linux Foundation.

The review highlights the impact of GHWA’s achievements and provides recommendations for GHWA’s successor, a global Network, in guiding the evolution of HRH.

The top priorities for the alliance now include ensuring scalability and security.

The other founding members of the alliance are Block Apps, Nuco, AMIS, Andui, CME Group, Consen Sys, Fubon Financial, brainbot technologies, Chronicled, Cryptape, The Institutes, Monax, String Labs, Telindus, Tendermint, Vid Roll, and Wipro.

“That interconnection of public and private chains actually creates a very strong network,” Batlin said on a call with In the view of its proponents, Ethereum’s public and private networks will become analogous to intranets versus internets; they will share standard protocols, but have different configurations for privacy and security, depending on each organization’s needs.

Members of the Ethereum alliance include Accenture, BBVA, BNY Mellon, BNP Paribas, BP, Cisco, Credit Suisse, ING, Thomson Reuters, and UBS.

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(You can read more about Ethereum, a more flexible and developer-friendly alternative to Bitcoin with its native cryptocurrency, Ether, in this The Ethereum alliance arrives as a challenger to several other extant blockchain ventures.

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