Dating yamaha guitars serial number

If you compare it to the inside sticker (which in your case is probably a photocopy), the middle stems of the letter "M" are not supposed to meet the baseline in the proper wordmark, but on your headstock it does appear to.

Apparently John Martyn also played one for a time, but I can't confirm this.To date the guitar you can do the following: Find the serial number inside the guitar at the bottom of the neck. The first number is the year - eg if the first number is a 1, the guitar could be '51 '61 '71 etc (but since these guitars were only made for an 8 year period it's very simple to date).The next four numbers are the month and the day, eg 1215 would be December 15th.After quickly looking over the other imagery you provided, I think the logo on the headstock in particular is quite suspect.I believe the "YAMAHA" wordmark is not in the correct typeface.

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