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After crossing friends’ boyfriends, as well as someone who had a photo from his wedding day cheek-to-cheek with his bride in a veil, I feel the need to spell this one out.

Don’t post pictures that give the impression that you’re in a relationship, or clearly not over your ex.

Based on that, you have to “like” their profile or nix it. In the US, a country of fast-paced technological adoption where people fully embrace the use of technology to nudge along romantic lives, Tinder exploded quickly.It definitely doesn’t even hurt to keep it blank, and can be more beneficial than having it filled. Because if you’re someone moved to psycho-analyzes himself in his Tinder “about me,” section, it’s better to know that right from the start.What has made Tinder so popular is how simple it is to use, from making a profile to playing with it.(He also used game theory against me in a series of rock, paper, scissors, betting drinks, and though he won, somehow ended up drunk.) While I think that’s a bit harsh, if you do want to actually meet up with people you match with on Tinder, maybe you shouldn’t only include photos from your mock look-book.Unless you really do look that way every day, in which case I applaud you. You really don’t know what someone looks like if you’ve only seen him with sunglasses on. : It is highly recommended to pass on posting the dolphin-kissing photos.

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In this case the goods weren’t necessarily odd, but few.

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