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Accordingly, we uphold defendant's convictions and sentences. The State contends, and we agree, that defendant's statutory right to representation by two attorneys was not violated by the actions of the trial court in the instant case. The evidence showed that Sessoms, one of the firemen at the scene of the crime, saw testicles in the downstairs doorway. According to the medical examiner, Dowdy's testicles had been cut off after death. The State's evidence presented at trial tended to show the following facts and circumstances: On the morning of 2 October 1994, John Williams noticed smoke coming from a house located at 201 Northeast Street in the town of Roseboro. This is especially true where, as here, a third attorney, who had been assisting defendant's two court-appointed attorneys in jury selection, was present and still assisting. Defendant does not contend that he did not commit the acts necessary to constitute malicious castration. He drove to the police department to report the smoke. The trial court “did not deny defendant the assistance of a second attorney or so drastically circumscribe the second attorney's role as to render the appointment of two attorneys meaningless.” Frye, 341 N. Instead, he contends that, since Dowdy was dead at the time of the castration and the gravamen of the offense appears to prohibit these acts being done to a living person, the evidence was insufficient to support submission of this charge. Billy Herring, the chief of the Roseboro Fire Department, received the fire call around a.m. James William Buchanan, also known as “Alabama,” lived in the downstairs portion of the house, and Jerry Lee Dowdy lived in an upstairs apartment. A fireman, Keith Sessoms, observed testicles lying in the doorway to the downstairs area. In the instant case, the trial judge asked defendant's other counsel and defendant if they had a problem proceeding with orientation of the jurors and hearing requests for deferments and excuses; defendant's counsel did not object to such proceedings. The State, on the other hand, contends that if a series of assaultive crimes against a person who has been murdered occurred in a continuous transaction, the exact time of the assaultive felony in relation to the death of the victim is irrelevant.

Hart, Special Deputy Attorney General, for the State. The same jury convicted defendant of first-degree murder of Jerry Lee Dowdy under the theories of felony murder and premeditation and deliberation. § 15A-2000, the jury recommended and the trial court imposed a sentence of death as to each murder. This Court, on numerous occasions, has held that to support convictions for a felony offense and related felony murder, all that is required is that the elements of the underlying offense and the murder occur in a time frame that can be perceived as a single transaction.”Wilkinson, 344 N. Then Dowdy woke up and came downstairs, and a fight ensued. Defendant said that he decided to burn the house and that he changed clothes, cut some phone lines at a nearby house, and took a lawnmower. Defendant also told Mitchell that, earlier that day, he smoked some marijuana, drank some beer, and injected cocaine several times. on the morning of 3 October 1994, defendant's family tried to have him committed to the mental health department because they thought he was hallucinating from drugs. John Parker (no relation to defendant) was appointed as counsel to represent defendant, and Isaac Cortes, Jr., was appointed as co-counsel. There was heavy fire damage in the bedroom, on and around the bed. However, we do have a new panel of juror[s] coming in tomorrow that it would facilitate matters if we could do the orientation and hear the requests for deferments and excuses in Mr. The actions of the trial court in this case did not violate defendant's rights under the statute. Officers found the lifeless body of Jerry Dowdy, a fifty-year-old groundskeeper at the Hardee's Restaurant in Roseboro, lying facedown in a large puddle of blood in the kitchen of his upstairs apartment. Defendant had two court-appointed attorneys as required under N.

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